Thursday, December 28, 2006

Year 2006; a photo-lookback.

Well shalom. There are only few days left of what has been the 6th year of the new millenium. Since I am going to be without internet until 2007 from tomorrow, I thought it might be an appropriate time to flop out a reflective blog and looked back at some of the shenenigans that went down this year.

2006 was (and still is, for the next few days) a special year for blogging communities worldwide, as it was the year that Jin's Spectacular Blogging Extravanganza began publishing some badass photo blogs. If the sheer amount of pointless and boring photos was not enough, this orgasmic blog caused many bloggers to cream their pants with its endless and repetitive use of sarcasm in narrating the life of an Asian man and his two and only friends. Let's look back at some of the highlights of this year then, shall we?

Carlton Puggs, May 04. This is where it all started; I was really happy to start my life as a blogger, as per photo.

The happy bunch.

Science Booze Cruise, May 10.

This was a fun night, I think everybody enjoyed themselves, but I think Alex and Kyle had a little more fun than some of the others. In compensation here's a self-promoting photo of me with possibly the weirdest looking pair of girls on the boat that night.

This is truly a cool photo. I still don't understand how this was taken.

Yes, it was indeed a very good night for the two gentlemen in this photo. And the ladies too, ofcourse. I think this was the night when first photographical evidence of Kyle's Dyke Maulage were captured. I'm not 100% sure about it though, so correct me if I'm wrong.

I think it was around this point of the year that our fascination with Chicken Parmagiana blossomed into something much more, a quest if you will, a quest for the perfect 10/10 holy parma. After months of of fruitless search for the devine parma though, all we (mainly Ben and I) were left with was an empty wallet and a larger waistline.

#1 Parma in Melbourne my ass, expensive as hell and tasted nowhere as good as it claimed to be.

Photo of the said terrible parma. Keeper's Arms parma came close to being perfect in our rating system, but I think we can safely claim that no parma in this world will ever be perfect.

Over the winter season Josh and I visited a few Markets aroud Melbourne, namely (and only) Victoria and Camberwell. These trips really did turn out to be sorry excuses for man-dates but I ain't regretting anything.

Josh browsing through some records.

Photos of us in some cool hats, before the crazy stall owner told us to fuck off.

I think my love for sherpa hats grew around here.

And so did my love for Corona. mm.

Buller Snow Trip, July 03 ~ 07.

Rather unspectacular snow condition with only 3 runs open but an eventful one nonetheless, including Jin's never-before-seen drunken antics, and ofcourse, Michael's Vagina Knee, Kneegina.

An absolutely beautiful shot of my Coronas displaying themselves proudly on the window.

Two best buddies.

Kneegina, freshly stitched.

2006 was also the year when the Chad Futsal team was born. Despite great hopes at the beginning of the campaign, due to Michael's frequent absence and shitness in general paved a path for a season without a single win.

Around the beginning of the season when the hopes were still high.

Science Ball, September 06.

This was my first University Ball, and it was rather short-lived by the fact that I was copping some fat Hives that week. Nonetheless the dressing up was fun and I got to do the whole "Sober Eye for the Drunk Guy " thing so it was rather interesting watching everyone around me get drunk while I was fresh as a guy with hives could possibly be. Kyle's notorious label of being a Mauler was firmly established after this faithful night. When he mauled Hannah. In a very mauling fashion. I shuddered when I went through those photos again.

Josh's head looks really really huge here.

I must say those purple hats really completed their stunning costumes.

Ze Ladies.

Kyle's love for 90's music and bisexual Disk-Jockeys exploded at Perseverance. It soon became a regular place for Fags to hang out, just as Puggs was back in 2005. I like this place but Souvlaki Sessions at the Souv King afterwards is a big no no.

This was Liz's birthday I believe...

Yosh and me pulling crazy faces.

...somEthing inducEd high.

Sally's Party, September 17.

It was a 90's theme party that became 90's/Beach theme party at the last minute. You'd think those two wouldn't really mix; and you'd be correct, it didn't mix and I think the appropriate theme title would've been AWKWARD. Kyle decided to fuly deck out in his weirdo jacket, slapband and everything, only to find out that he was about 500% overdressed.

The Great Host Sally pouring some dirty dirty punch into a punch bowl. My god that punch was dirty, and the fact that it was in an esky and kyle used his hairy Greek arm to stir really did not help.

Quality candle photo.

Josh, doing some DUI.

Cam and Michael claim that this is the happiest I've been captured on camera...

But I look pretty happy here too.

Evil Genius Alex.

Hahahaha what can you possibly say about this photo?

A very very intense shot of Kyle at Rust.

Anglesea Trip, September 28.

This year's Anglesea trip was pretty fun, we had heaps of booze so I guess you can't really go wrong with that. The weather was a bit too cold for me but we did attempt to go down to the beach a few times, whether it was to muck around with a soccer ball or just to lie about in hope of catching a bit of ye old sun.

Beach Soccer; more painful than you think.

We'd run on booze energy until wee hours of the morning and we'd spend most of that time playing Cranium. Nothing like pictionary with eyes closed at 4.00am.
Chef D'ambrosio whipped up some parma for us one night and it was quite delicious. Surprisingly.

Who drank all the milk?

Tiff's 20th, October 07.

Tiff had her 20th Birthday party at the Loft and a big night was had by all. I don't think anything of the fags were expecting as big of a night as we ended up having, so kudos to Tiff.

Pre drinks at a Chinese restaurant, and an advice for all of you; don't ever go to a Chinese restaurant with Michael.

Ben "Fetus" Clarkson.

I'm not even looking at the hand-on-boob thing, I'm more concerned about the expression on Michael's face.

Now I'm really concerned.

Tiff's party received Kasun's Tick of Approval.

Guys v Girls, October 23.

As predicted guys thrashed the girls.

Last Chad Match of the Season, October 25. It ended up being the last Chad match of the year and possibly ever, because the Men's competition got cancelled afterwards due to problems with violence at Sunday Men's compeition or something. Oh and this was also the night that Ben cracked the shits cause we (I) didn't notify him about the little gathering at mine afterwards... we are eternally sorry. But look how much fun we had;

not much fun eh...

Amanda's 20th, November 21.

Umm yeh Amanda's 20th at Cheers or something.

Guys rocking it.

EOX #15, November 23.

I didn't bother to do Eox blog partly because by the time I had enough photos I felt that it was too late and mostly because I could not be bothered. But it was a pretty mega day, infact so mega that by the time we actually arrived at the EoX venue we were about as tired as I will be tomorrow morning (it's 1:54am at the mo).

Pre-Pre-Pre Eox Drinks started with BBQ at Clompton's place, where we had a few beers and possibly some BBQ.

Then we moved on to Comfy Chair and had a jug each and bit of a sit around. I believed Schwarzy managed to have an early mewing session here...

Then as planned we went to Branden Hotel for some quality parma. We were so loud while we were eating there were glasses, forks and knives flying everywhere. I can't remember much except eating about 3/4 of my parma and giving the rest to someone.

Josh's interpretation of a Vampire. It seems he got bats and vampires mixed up. There's another photo of him where he looks like a gay porn star about to receive some serious anal probage.

Here's a photo of us giving each other anal probage.

Well at least we managed to take a good photo despite being severely inebriated.

Echo room at that place that I can't remember the name of. I kept accidentally eavesdropping on Cam and sally who were sitting at the other end of the room.
Then to Rust we went, where we had some quality cocktails. Well mine didn't taste very nice, it just tasted like 4 shots mixed together but that was what I did ask for...

Finally we got to EoX and we rocked it out for a few hours there...

A nice group photo depicting the good times had by all.

So that was year 2006 for the Fags as a group and a for a few Dykes too. Have a Happy New Year and please produce some blogworthy materials in 2007. xx