Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Last Carriage.

I like the last carriage.

Because I can always find a seat. Because there's peace and quiet, and I don't have to second-hand listen to some idiot's crappy music or meaningless phone conversation.

Because I don't run into people I don't want to run into, and I can read my book, listen to my music (quietly), do word puzzles and Sudoku in my Mx, stare out the window, check out myself in the window when the train goes through a tunnel, day dream or take a nap, instead of yet another "How you been", "How's uni, what course are you doing again? I can never remember ROFLMAO", "I've been doing absolutely no work whatsoever, I'm soooo behind LOLLL" conversation.

I like the last carriage because there are no screaming babies, buskers, rowdy school kids, or loud ring tones.

Alas, I should've guessed, I should've kown, nay I should've expected, that a day was going to come when all that was ruined. 'twas today.

Farewell, my oasis, my sanctuary


Thursday, April 19, 2007

The World Game.

Despite consistently putting in solid performances, The Chad have been able to register just one win so far. We seemed to have improved a lot since the first season, so hopefully we will be able to win a few more this season.

For motivation I'm going to put up some quality futbal videos I've seen on Youtube.

The Funny:

The Nasty:

The Beautiful:

And Just Plain Old Weird:


Friday, April 13, 2007

A Comical Life.

I have a habit of drawing caricatures of my friends every now and then. I usually stop at pencil sketches because frankly I never learnt how to colour, but with technology enabling you to do just about anything these days, I decided to scan the pictures and have a go at colouring these doodlings in.

I was very happy with how the pictures came out, so I'm going to show them off here.




Bum.. I mean Josh