Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rocking into Oh-Seven at Pyramid Rock Festival.

Another brand spanking new year has arrived ladies and gentlemen! So let's do something special and make my first blog of the year about something that happened last year! yeah!

My new year's eve was spent down at Phillip island, at a music festival located near a bunch of rocks that vaguely resemble the pyramids to be more specific (hence the name of the festival). Fantastic time was had by all and indeed very little could've gone wrong with the tri-force of goodness consisting of good mates, good music and lots of alcohol. I shall let the pictures do most of the talking.

Anna the builder setting up her love nest.

Liz and Ben setting up theirs,

Alex and Kas setting up their love nest (and mine also) it was the loveliest of them all!

Some more tent action...this time Kyle's.

To be honest I have no idea how kyle's tent managed to stay up the duration of the festival, it seriously looked like it was about to collapse any moment.

Then there was this blue tarp nonsense, that Josh struggled very hard to setup. It kind of became bit of a liability/inconvenience in the end so it was taken down pretty quickly. The extra shade would've been good, but not at the risk of Kyle's tent falling down.

Josh's hair goin nuts due to static electricity.

There was Ben the Mexican,

and then there was Ben the homosexual seaman (prounounced semen).

Kyle checking out his surroundings from the top of his magna beast.

Taking alcohol to the festival was forbidden, so we decided to bring some. Kyle (being the sleazy Greek that he is) found the perfect place to hide his alcohol, and the secret is revealed riiiiight here;

Ta-da~. Quite an awesome hiding spot, wouldn't you say?

I like this photo because it's just so chilled out, I don't exactly know why it's so chilled out or even why I like it so much but there is just something so old school about the flash-blurriness that's happening here.

We found out that Jen's full name takes about 5 minutes to say, and it begins with "Princess".

Liz copped some fat burnage on her back, and I must say the sun was very strong that weekend.

Needless to say, I was quite impressed with the size of Phillip Island.

Kyle got a little bit too friendly with Phillip Island for my liking.

Some of the guys down at the beach.

It was a pretty warm day so we went for a splash, but the water was pretty darn dirty and cold. It was nice to be soaked in water for a change though. Damn level 4 water restrictions.

After coming back to the festival grounds and finding Anna and Jen (who decided to stay at camp) off their faces, we decided to join them and get drunk, and there was only one way to do it; Beerpong.

Action shot. Each cup had at least a shot each in them, so we got drunk pretty quick.

This is poor drunk Jen licking booze off the table after she knocked over a cup. Not the most proud moment in her life captured on camera, I imagine.

Kyle and Ben during their more intimate of the moments. I am sorry Liz but the secret could no longer be kept.

This is Luke, our resident random for the weekend. I did not see him once sober. He was surprisingly coherent for a guy off his nut, still managed to play a few chords on his $800 guitar he brought. He bagged Josh's Slim Jim (guitar) however and that was a bit uncalled for.

Josh, feeling betrayed drinking his sadness away with his Scumfort after he hearing that his Slim Jim got bagged by Luke.

Myself drinking Josh's Scumfort after hearing that Josh's Slim Jim got bagged by Luke.

Andrew drinking Josh's Scumfort because he might as well, that's what everyone's doing anyway.

Josh sat on his own bread that was supposed to last him for the weekend. It was quite humourous watching Josh eat something that used to be stuck to his ass.

A nice shot of Alex rocking it and eating a chicken burger at the same time.

Liz and me wearing sunnies and rocking to some good tunes.

Crowd shot #1. The atmosphere was great cause everyone in the crowd as well as the band seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Crowd shot #2.

Level 4 water restrictions meant we couldnt wash our hands after going to the toilet (instead they had these lame sanitizer thingys happening, which really weren't that great). We learnt to appreciate the value of clean, fresh water on this trip. Oh and here's Andrew refilling a water tank.

Anna eating her muffin with a spoon. Feels like an episode of Seinfeld.

Beach-themed Kasun, with coconut cup and little umbrella toothpicks and everything.

Mexican themed me with a sombrero.

Even with the busy schedule of listening to music, drinking, eating, and drinking again, we somehow managed to squeeze in a game of poker as well. Jen ended up winning, I think.

Crowd shot #3. Ash Grunwald, a really fantastic live performer.

Anna with a hard-on.

It is ever-so-fun to ride on people's shoulders and there was plenty of that at Pyramid Rock this year. Anna rode on Josh's shoulders, I rode on Andrew's, Kyle rode on mine, etc etc. Everybody rode everybody if you will.

Anna, me and Jen on Josh, Andrew and Kasun respectively.

Kyle on my shoulders.

Josh on Andrew's.

Then we got bored and decided to try out for a three-level shoulder-ride, and our first attempt included me on top, Alex in the middle and Kyle supporting us from the ground. And it turned out to be something kind of like this;

We were up there for about five seconds, wobbling all the way and me shoving my feet into Kyle's face (eyes to be more specific) in futile attempts to find balance. It came crashing down pretty quickly, but when I was up there I got a fantastic look of the crowd.

Our second attempt was somewhat more successful, with Ben at the bottom and Jen up top.

Crowd shot #4.

Kasun on Andrew.

Jen on me.

Alex and Kyle on me and Josh respectively.

That's one funky shot of Josh chewing on a piece of poo, or possibly M&Ms.

Here's a little more decent shot of Josh and Anna.

No trip would be complete without Kyle mauling a dyke, and since there were none at PRF (excluding Liz but she doesn't count), he settled for next best thing and mauled Jen instead.

Another must is walking around with a guitar in our hands and having our own little jam sessions with other drunken randoms, singing wonderwall and under the bridge over and over until a string breaks.

You really can't hear the guitar after about two opening chords because everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs.

Josh was very well prepared this time and even brought his tamborine, and Kasun played this tamborine so hard against his hips that apparently he was all bruised the morning after.

Crowd/band shot #5. The Living End (I'm not sure they're the ones in this picture) was the band that took us into 2007, and it was goooooood.

The morning after, all packed up and ready to blow this hell hole.

Jerks that were camping across from us left with our cleaning their shit up (pictured above), for the sake of avoiding traffic.

Luke the resident random seemed okay in the morning but by the time we were all packed up and ready to leave he stumbled by our camp site absolutely off his face. He attacked and destroyed what was left of the gazebo and went back to his tent to get even more shit faced. Happy new year Luke!

Here's a video of Luke, attempting to destroy what's left of the Gazebo that the messy jerks left behind. (credit to Josh for his YouTube upload)

The line out of the festival was indeed pretty mega, and this was kind of the way it was until we crossed the bridge out of Phillip Island.

Happy New Year, and good job to everyone for surviving 2006.