Friday, June 30, 2006

Queen Victoria Market.

In preparation for the upcoming snow trip, Josh and I thought it would be a good idea to equip ourselves with Sherpa hats. So we headed down to the good ol' Queen Victoria Market for some Sherpa hat buying goodness.

Shots of and around the bench that we were sitting on while waiting for the bus. It was a chili morning, so I sure was glad that I dressed warm (as you will see later on).

Oh, Josh's feet, you're here. Look how long the long-legged one's legs are. He should have to pay for two tickets.

Inside the bus. The end.

So we got to the Queen Victoria Market and our hunt began. Quite a few stores had Sherpa hats available and we proceeded to take photos of ourselves wearing them:-

But as we were trying out different hats, taking photos and generally having some gay old time, a very amiable owner of one of the stalls came up to us and pleasantly told us that we had taken enough photos and that we should fuck off unless we're buying them. Suprisingly, no money was exchanged for her astoundingly friendly goods and services.

Also, check out the awesomeness of my checkered blue jumper. I look awesomely down-to-earth and with my fellow awesome working class men of the market. Just pure awesome.

After looking at some more stalls we were feeling peckish and needed some food. "spanish donuts" was the food of choice and I was quite impressed by how delicious they were.

Spanish Donuts - buƱuelos espaƱoles. They weren't really round... or very donutty, but very yummy nonetheless!

It looks more like a calamari ring than anything. Or a really thin and bent penis. But I'll go with calamari.

Speaking of spanish donuts and possibly penis I was somewhat put off of the food when Josh admitted that this awesome shopping extravaganza felt quite similar to his first date with Anna. So I kicked him in the shins and ran away.

The Sherpa hat that I settled on. It's almost as if I was born to wear Sherpa hats.

So this was yet another wasteful but nevertheless mildly amusing day. I wonder if Josh got home alright.

The slab of Corona goodness I'll take up to the snow. The extra $15 for the imported goodness better be worth it.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Camberwell Market.

Josh and I went to the Camberwell market in the morning today, 18/06/06. Camberwell market is a flea-market type of environment where people who have crap they want to get rid of congregate at a parking lot, set up a stall and try to sell them. It's a pretty cool place if you want to buy things that absolutely don't need.

So me being the ever-so dedicated photographing blogger, I decided to take the camera for a little run.

Mum and bro were chowing down some breakfast.

Stadium Arcadium - RHCP's most recent album. I'm still undecided as to how much I like this new installment of the peppers. I mean it's good, but I've heard better songs by them. This has absolutely no relevance to today's visit to the Camberwell market other than the fact that the CD case was in Josh's car.

This is Camberwell market; you could find just about anything in this place, and it's guaranteed to be crap. I think most fun aspect of this environment is haggling, and seeing other people trying to haggle. There are some grandmaster hagglers out there - i.e dad. I think the key is to be confident and look like you know what you're talking about.

Josh browses through a pile of old vinyl records...

... and sees what he likes.

We then went to a cool record store nearby, and I spotted this cool record that I was tempted to buy. I didn't. Because I dont' have a record player.

Back at the market, we spotted some musical talents who were surprisingly good. They were scattered out all across the market but my favourite would have to be these guys:-

At first I was sceptical because they looked so bogan but they sounded really good. The singer dude had an awesome voice, but I wonder how long his voice would last if he keeps straining it like the way he does.

I liked them so much I took a short video of them:-

After Camberwell market, we went to a computer swapmeet nearby and I ended up losing some money. I don't want to talk about it :-(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Sweep (progressive updates).

USA - eliminated
Czech Republic - eliminated

Ecuador - eliminated
Tunisia - eliminated

Angola - eliminated

South Korea - eliminated
Italy - Winner

Australia - eliminated

Switzerland - eliminated

Togo - eliminated
Saudi Arabia - eliminated
Japan - eliminated

Costa Rica - eliminated

Portugal - eliminated
Brazil - eliminated

Paraguay - eliminated

Holland - eliminated

Ukraine - eliminated
England - elimianted
France - 2nd

Serbia & Montenegro - eliminated
Argentina - eliminated
Spain - eliminated

Iran - eliminated

Sweden - eliminated
Croatia - eliminated
Germany - 3rd

Ghana - eliminated

Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) - eliminated
- eliminated
Trinidad & Tobago - eliminated
Mexico - eliminated

$10 per person. Winner receives $50, 2nd $20, 3rd & Nation with most goals conceded $5 each. No whining for getting shit teams!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yet Another Parma Post.

Since I haven't got anything really interesting to blog about, but want to procrastinate anyway, I'll keep Plogging (parma-blogging) until I find some proper material.

Went to the Leveson Hotel on Friday( 09/06/06), to try out what was said to be the 'best parma in Melbourne', as rated by (

Ben had a law exam in the city earlier that day, so Alex and I, being highly procrastinating bums that we are, decided to join him in the city for yet another parma action.

Random shots around the law building and its vicinity while waiting around for Michael (yet another bum on the holy crusade to find the perfect parma.)

We hopped into Benjamin's car and drove around in the city until we found and located the infamous Leveson hotel. At the door, we were rather shamelessly greeted by this piece of advertisement:-

[Best Parma in Melbourne? I'll be the judge of that.]

So we entered, ordered, and sat down. They waiting period was kind of uber long, and the pleasant, lullaby-esque sounds of workers drilling holes into the brick wall really helped us pass that time with enjoyment. By that, I mean it didn't.

This rather disappointing shot of Alex marked the Camera's 10,000th photo. He looks like he's about to cry and crap his pants in joy.

I have no witty comments to make about this photo. It's almost as if something's covering my mouth- Yes.... That'll do.

Whenever I go to pubs or bars with coasters, I feel it necessary to arrange them in some sort pattern or shape. And apparently, Ben seems to find it really interesting to watch. That weirdo.

Can you say B-E-E-R? Pronounced Bee-Hyphen-E-Hyphen-E-Hyhen-ARRR. But really, they are the best photos of beer I've taken so far.

Sometime after, our Parmas were served and ready to be devoured.

ParmaParma, ready to be rated.

Boys tucking into their parmas.

I have to say, for $18, it really wasn't very spectacular. Maybe my expectations were too high- but if this is the best parma that Melbourne can offer, I am very dissapointed. The meat was very fresh, and I couldn't possibly complain about the size - this mofo was huge, like it was made out of 2 chickens. But I think it was the overcooked cheese and too much oregano that put me off. Chips and salad, however, were good.

Will my search for the perfect parma ever end?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exam talk, upcoming winter break and... Group B.

Exam talk:
I've done 2, and I've got 2 more left.
The end.

Are indeed arriving soon. Well less soon for me because I have an exam on the last day of the last week.

Winter is always a dangerous time for me. The weather is cold, and instead of putting more clothes on, I turn to warm food. I've decided to straighten up this year, and I am going to be on a very strict diet consisting of:

Beer & Parma. This should keep me nice and lean until semester 2.

Group B
Recently Group B have resurrected (well one of the band members have) and made a debut on internet music forums like Artist ( and icompositions ( Listen to their old-new single 'Like you', and give it a generous rating. No harsh but fair treatment necessary, just be generous. Good god they need it.

Textbook definition of idiot:

Friday, June 02, 2006

Parma Parma.

For last few weeks Ben and I've been getting these random cravings for parma. It's something about that warm, juicy, cheesy, saucy big fat piece of meat that just makes me want to take a nibble. I think that's enough talk about Ben, so let's talk parma.

So anyway, couple of nights ago while Msn-ing per usual I was suddenly hit with this parma fever. Apparently this fever is infectious over the internet, as Ben and Josh soon caught it, too.

This is the extract of the very detailed conversation we had about our cravings.

We decided that we'd go for $12 parma at the Ivanhoe hotel on Wednesday 31/05/06. And soon, there were 7 of us in for some parma parma extravaganza.

Cam was there (unfortunately he kept his shirt on)

So was Sally.

Kyle was there for a little bit, but didn't stay. Congrats on getting your licence.

Liz and Alex were also looking for some parma-action.

Josh and Ben (with his head cut off) were there of course.

For $12 the parma was generously big and some struggled to finish. I forgot to take any photos of the parma because I was too hungry at the time. I'd give it a 7/10.

This is Parmamon. (Credit to Ben) It's a pokemon with the ability to be delicious.

My mission during this winter break is to find the perfect 10/10 parma.