Sunday, August 13, 2006

Buller Trip '06: Josh's Photos.

As predicted, Josh took his sweet-ass time in delivering his photos to me. So now, without any further ado, is the final instalment of the ski trip blogging extravaganza after more than a month since we returned from the snow.

A Warm jacket, sherpa hat and a guitar is all I need!

Cam is extremely happy over the fact that he has been allocated a seat next to the guitar.

It took me a fair while to unpack and upwrap the Coronas, but the joy I felt while I was unwrapping (in the anticipation of drinking them in the near future) was incredible.

A big 5 kg of pasta that Kyle and I thought we were going to get through by the end of the week. Turned out we were too lazy to cook up even something as simple as pasta. The bag was more than half full on the last day.

Oh my pink band. How I miss thee.

Josh proudly presenting himself next to the copy of a very interesting read, Nail Strauss' 'The Game'.

Another very interesting read, July's edition of Ralph.

Teehee. Seeing this photo of Blair only reminds me of one word- Chipmonk.

And here's the fluro-wearing monkey's big boss.

Photo of the lodge couch, with Michael ad Alex sitting on either side of it.

There are few things that freak me out about these two photos. Tiff's bra around Cam's ass isn't one of them.

I wonder who Cam's looking at.


The heart-shaped parma we had at Uncle's Pats. It was expensive and awful. Chips were also less than desirable. But I guess I should've never expected too much from snow-parma.

On the night before the last day, Cam, Josh and I found a trivia game called 'Reminiscing', containig bunch of trivia questions from the 50's right through to the 80's. We played it till the wee hours of the morning, and photos below pretty much describe how tired we all were.

Bus ride home.

Alex is dumbfounded when he finally realises how much Essendon sucks.

Well there you have it. I'm kind of glad that this is all over, and now I can go back to my supremo blog with actual content.

I'll also make a suggestion to all you photo takers to not take photos so freaking upclose from now on - as handsome as we may all be, it's all about proportions.

That is all.


Josh said...


ben said...

sum gud speling thare gin

cam said...

trust, ben - you big ol' dictionary

Jin said...

i speaka goot engrish

hwangus said...

what cam is doing there should be forbidden by australia's constitution.

ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop. Viele GrĂ¼sse !!

Ben said...

I think thats german for 'whale's vagina'.