Monday, March 12, 2007

Few Photos From Pub Crawl '07.

There aren't too many blog-worthy photos of this year's science pub crawl so I guess this will be a rather short post. I believe Kas and possibly Liz as well had their cameras at the crawl so I am obliged to hunt you guys down and collect the photos to add to my *private* collection.

I guess you could say this was my first real pub crawl, since on prevous two occasions I either didn't go or bailed really early due to work and stuff. Let me just say drinking and walking around the city with hundreds of other crawlers and stopping traffic with a massive conga-line guarantees a good time, especially when you're wearing a pink cape.
Pink capes and pink bandanas, topped off with white wifebeaters. I was quite surprised by how many people actually donned this outfit. The good thing about this brightly-coloured uniform was that it acted like a beacon and we were able to find each other really easily regardless of the level of intoxication. The downside...well not the downside, but rather "misinterpreted" side of the pink cape was that most people thought we were RePrEzEnTiN' the Queer Society (understandably). Especially with those S&M fishnet singlets Cam and Alex wore, I mean Jesus Christ even I thought we were from the Queer Society for a second too.
This one I stole from Kasun's myspace.

Afore-mentioned Jesus looking just perfect for the occasion.

Probably the Picture Of The Day. RePrEzzzzzzzzEnT!

Ginger-Moot soon to become Fire-Crotch.

Some Conga-line action.

A few motorists were tastefully greeted by a couple of drunk Melbourne University students who flopped it out and displayed their goods against the car window. Public display of affection, I dare say.
Jenny, Jen-Jen, taking one big swig from the infamous Bathroom Vodka. Alex will later find out he should have avoided this evil bottle.

Josh and Anna saw Alex walking towards this bench soon after the bathroom vodka. Apparently it is on this bench that Alex went blank for what he claims to be half an hour, where he woke up only to find himself all alone.
Just another day at Uni I suppose.

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