Monday, March 24, 2008

Canberra Road Trip.

Not much to say about the trip itself, since you know and I know and everyone knows that Canberra isn't exactly the most exciting tourist destination in Australia. It was, however, great seeing my brother again. 4 months may not be a long time for some but being as close as we are, it felt like ages. We ate alot, drank alot and bummed around alot. A good way to spend the Easter, I reckon. Cheers to Benny for driving me up there and back, and copping an intense speeding fine of $220 in doing so.

Morning of the day we left.

Tearing it up along the highway.

We stopped in Gundagai to check out this Dog on the Tuckerbox memorial, which wasn't actually in the town of Gundagai itself.

Chilling out in Sam's unit.

View from Mt. Ainsley. Feeling patriotic yet?


That's Sam and Campbell up there.


Roses just outside of Old Parliament House.

Kids running around inside OPH.

Benny's speeding fine. I told you to slow down!

See you again real soon, brutha!

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