Sunday, July 16, 2006

Buller Trip '06: Michael's Photos.

To my great and uncaring surprise I was able to obtain Michael's photos today. It just had to be the day after I decided to split ski blogs into parts. Ah well, patience is a virtue indeed.

Cam, Tiff and me lazying about on the couch shortly after arriving at the lodge. There is just ridiculous amount of photos of us in the lodge procrastinating about on the couch. It's funny how none of us dared to take a camera when we went skiing, which could've resulted in some skiing pictures. Which is fair enough, seeing as our competence with skiing is extremely low to non-existant.

I'm doing some healthy male reading.

Kyle's Peroni. It's not too bad, but I have to say the aftertaste is rather nasty. It's definately not worth its $60/slab value. Every tastebuds to their own I suppose.

My delicious delicious Corona.

This is a pretty cool shot of both of Kyle and my beers lined up against the window facing outside. Kyle gave away a quite a few of his beers during the week, I wonder how many he actually had himself.

Alex got caught while devouring a Museli bar. This was the highlight of this trip if you ask me.

Josh and Kyle [insert some humorous anecdote about these guys and talk about how much I am superior to these guys.] I think I pretty my used up all my creative talent in my last post so I might just post the photos with limited caption unless I feel like otherwise.

Standard shot of the mountain with Michael's camera, this time with snow. All be it there isn't much of it.

Cam the 'wolfman' heading to the summit in just a t-shirt. That was pretty eXtReMe, walking all the way to and fro summit from the lodge in just a couple of hours. Big freakos. And yes, that is a sock in Cam's pants pocket.

Nice standard shot of the mountain number 2. A good view of the summit.

Cam marking his territory on the mountain. That's a pretty cool thing to do, I reckon, in a bizarro sort of way. Doing a wee wee against a backdrop of the mountain. You'd feel so small and insignificant, especially with the shrinkage you'd cop from being so cold and all.

Cam letting some anger out at an innocent patch of snow.

No description really needed here. Except I'm wondering what Cam can possible see with all the fog around him and why he's standing there posing like one of the Charlie's Angels.

Cam the lonewolf.

Josh and Jin and orgasmic guitar playing.

Kyle and Alex, on a ski lift, sharing some body warmth like the good friends they are.

I forgot until I saw this photo that Josh nosebled while we were playing poker. I think the pressure got to him. Eventhough he claimed that it was because he was too warm and immediately started stripping infront of my face. Again I kicked him in the shins and proceeded to run away.

3 Very nasty shots of vodka. Thank the lord I had a Corona chaser nearby.

I've never seen Kyle so happy in his life.

Josh, Kyle and their typical photo pose.

Ew, and what the fuck.

I don't know.

Sure I look happy, but I also look like a big freak and a psycho.

Everybody loves Michael.

Only Josh's photos to go. Expect even poorer effort.

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