Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Sweep Results.

Germany World Cup 2006 has finally ended. It truly was an awful final with a lot of controversy and the big snore factor was also there as well. Congratulations to Zidane for coming up with something so original as the headbutt to the chest on Materazzi in his last ever match in professional football.

Anyway since I hardly care about the two countries that played in the final, let's just talk about the sweep.

Anna won. I didn't. The End.

Anna came 1st w Italy
Michael came 2nd w France
Josh came 3rd w Germany
Jin got the country w most conceded goals (Serbia & montenegro)

As for the rest of you, especially the guy with brazil, I laugh at you.

p.s Ski-blog will happen when I get the photos.

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Ben said...

m... ok... yeah... so WHEN will the ski blog happen?