Saturday, November 04, 2006

And who said procrastinating was a waste of time.

It is long-awaited exam season once again and I'm sure all of you have been studying very hard during Swot-vac (and those of you who do not attend Melbourne University or do not have exams, may Cam have mercy on your soul). By studying very hard, I mean procrastinating, and by procrastinating, I mean not studying and by studying, I mean... yeah you get the message.

It has dawned upon me very recently (literally like as I was writing that masterful intro) that most of us tend to mistakenly associate 'procrastination' with 'counter-productivity'. This is simply and utterly untrue and I believe the picture below pretty much proves my point:

[The Last Supper - Before We Fail All Our Exams] (click to enlarge)

Pure genius. Obviously I didn't create this masterpiece, and all credit goes to Cam, whose ego is apparently large enough to associate himself with Jesus, the son of God, our one and only Messiah, aka the history's greatest hoax.

Setting my extremely blasphemous comment aside, the point I'm making here is that procrastinating is not necessarily counter-productive, but is simply a habit in which heightens our creativity and concentration to its maximum potential on anything other than studying. Contrary to popular belief procrastination can infact make us quite productive; For example, and Josh will agree with me here in saying that my longing to play the guitar, sing, and write music increases dramatically during exams periods. And indeed, based on past experience and currently, I play a lot more guitar and sing a lot more per day than I usually would. I also came up with a few things of my own which you'll hopefully never hear. Anyway the point is, I was being productive via the ways of procrastination, just not on something that needs to be done at this point of time.

Good luck for your exams, all.


The real Last Supper (1495-97) by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Most of you won't get this, but there are a few 'interesting features' on Cam's version of the Last Supper that I've noticed. I want you to have a go at guessing what they are. I'll give you a hint for one of them; 'bum-chumness'.


Shortz said...

the only things that i picked up on is that kyle is judas and sally is john (or mary depending on what you believe) would hope mary.

Tiffy said...

I saw Chad Michael Murray in the corner which I thought was awesome!

Josh said...

Who's Chad Michael Murray? I can't see anything special in there except in the corner it's The Chad!

cam said...

yeah, i now wish i'd spent all that time studyig for chemistry instead.

anna said...

say it with me: 'update'