Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Chad v. The Chadettes.

On the beautiful, sunny afternoon of Sunday October 24, a much less beautiful 5-on-5 futsal match was held between the guys and the girls. It was a fun, relaxing day that everyone looked forward to, and despite things getting a bit heated at times (I found my shins bruised the day after... it was either Anna or Josh- I'm blaming you Anna!) I think everyone had a good time. Credit to Anna for coming up with the Chads v Chadettes idea and her skill with the ball wasn't too shabby either (along with her skill to take out people's shins). Anyway, onto the photos.

Self-confessed camera-shy Benjamin does well to hide from the camera by hiding behind the ball. I love how the ball is floating right in the centre of the photo and also right in Ben's face.

Kyle showing off some ball-control.

The Chadettes discussing tactics and fitting in some last minute practice. You can see from these photos how good of a day it really was.

So after much fuss about how/where we're going to play and deciding on some general rules, 5 v 5 match began on the basketball court, two jumpers marking out the width of the goals at each end of the court.

Rather predictably the guys pretty much dominated from the start (and to the finish, really) and the girls were struggling to keep up with the boys. However due to their uncanny (or rather unexpected) defensive abilities and also the incredible reflexes of Mel, the guys failed to take an early lead and started to become a bit anxious.

Myself, tearing it up and taking out my years of frustration of being unable to dribble past men against poor mandy-poo and Sally.

Ben, about to crack a 100 km/h shot eventhough we told him not to on numerous occasions.

It was all going the guys' way until something went horribly wrong at the Chad's defensive line and the girls miraculously took the opening goal of the match...which practically gave them a moral victory.

Here's Liz shredding Josh and me into pieces with her tight control and immaculate dribbling ability.

Goal celebration. I've never seen them happier in my life.

The guys were simply gobsmacked what had just happened and could only manage bitter smiles in utter disblief.

However we regained our composure soon after, and with it came our goal scoring frenzy, leaving the girls disheartened and annihilating any hope they might of had of winning from scoring the first goal.

Josh celebrating the equaliser, and Ben looking like he wants to choke him.

While all this was going on Schwarz had got himself into bit of a pickle by kicking the ball over the fence and onto the tennis court*. He managed to climb over the fence and retrieve the ball but was at loss as to how he was going to get out. He first attempted at climbing over the fence Spider-man style...

Then he tried the good ol' prison break style... this was quite humourous to watch, by the way.

In the end he did manage to climb over the fence.

Girls taking a corner and just having some gay old time in general.

Half time came soon after and some shnenigans were had with squirting water at people and stuff. What these clowns didn't realise was the fact that we need to save all the water we friggin can, it's dry enough place as it is without these jokers wasting all the damn water.

Guys mucking around with the ball at half time...

Girls taking it easy and forming some evil tactics to get back at us men for all the hard times we've given them.

Just a nice shot of everyone having fun.

After it became quite clear the girls had no chance of scoring any more goals, we decided to play a mixed team match. We moved to the oval and played for a few minutes before I realised I had to get ready for a friend's birthday. A pretty chilled day, and a pretty chilled blog.

The Chad plays their last game this Wednesday, our last chance to register a win.



Josh said...

i know there is a basketball court, and a football field but what is a tennis ball court :P

haha nice blog, that photo of ben hiding behind the ball is pretty kool

Anna said...

what a great blog!

although you seem to have forgotten, dear jinster, that the score half-time was 3-2 to the guys. So really, we gave you a run for your money first half!

Either way, I had loads of fun and still sore... ouch!

Anonymous said...

schwarz never actually got over the fence. ur blog is misleading.

Jin said...


Anonymous said...

never ruin a good story with the facts!

Tiffy said...

Awesome Blog Jinny!!!

It was a good day with many many bruises afterwards, I spent the majority of the night feeling sorry for myself in a happy way!!!
Awesome Day!!!!