Monday, May 07, 2007

A Blast From The Past.

Man oh man. I've been talking to Marchev on msn just then, and I had the biggest reminische-sesh ever. It was triggered by something else that was quite humorous and reminiscent actually, I'll tell you guys sometime.

Anyway. We got talking about tetris and Mr. Alban and whatnot, and then I remembered angelfire. If you have no idea what angelfire is (or was), because you're an idiot, it's a free web-page hosting site that was kind of a fad for like 3 weeks way back in 2000.

Year 2000, I was in year 8 then, tender age of 14 years. I decided to join in on this web-site creating awesomeness. and the page, was created.

Looking back at it now, I can't help but to laugh at my bad English, cringe at my nerdy ways and how I thought wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs was cool. Not much has changed, it sEeMs.

The fact that Napster is still on there as one of my favourite sites is a good proof of how old it is. 7 years old. 3292 visitors. Half of them me.

If you want to know what Jin was like in year 8, this is the site to go. I recommend the "AbOuT JiN" section. A quality read.

Reminiscing never gets old. In fact it just gets better with time.



Anonymous said...

i've only just started reading your blog, jin, but this post more than any other has made me have the sudden realization that u are a huge nerd asian. i hereby shall no longer take part in this madness.

Jin said...

thanks cam :(

hwangus said...

'Chatting to people that i've never seen before on the net'

Doesn't sound like a healthy hobby for a 14 year old...

Anonymous said...

i'm amazed that its still functioning! Its like a time capsule....of what jin was like when he was younger...and possibly nerdier!