Friday, June 08, 2007

The Virtual Chad.

A while ago my brother and I created a virtual team of The Chad for our Pro Evolution Soccer game so I could at least virtually enjoy the virtual taste of virtual success. Despite a rocky start in the first season the Virtual Chad have blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. And here are the key players of this glorious team;

The Deadly Forward


The Target-Man

The Dribbler (Yes I realise it looks noting like Kas, but that's about as close as the facial presets got... and I really can't explain why I spelt his last name wrong)

The Tank

The Tackler


The Gatekeeper

Obviously we need some extra players since the real world Chad has only 7 players plus Kas who fills in from time to time -

The Mongorian

The Astroboy

The Spartan

The Axe

Hopefully The Chad can get a few more wins this season.


hwangus said...

The virtual Chad got promoted to the top division first season in. In top flight football, they got the treble in its very first season. They won the league, the league cup and the European cup.

The real life Chad, on the other hand, have struggled to win a game.

I think you people need to recruit Cordner into the real life Chad.

Josh said...

i think u should shut your piehole samuel

cam said...

i agree with josh. i also find it hilarious that some of those characters are actually not bad likenesses...