Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hail Caesar!

I've been reading a book series called 'The Stories of the Romans' by Shiono Nanami lately. This fifteen-volume mega saga about the Ancient Romans has been my bedside reading material for the last few months, and despite my slow progress with the series I'm finding it pretty enjoyable to read.

I am currently up to Emperor Vespasian, who lead Rome between 69-79 A.D. He had two sons, Titus and Domitianus, and a few days ago while I was reading about Vespasian I stumbled onto these photos of busts of the two sons;

At first I didn't take much notice and turned to the next page, but there was something so uncanny, something so memorable, something so familiar about those photos. So I went back and took a careful look at them. Does the figure on the left remind you of anyone...?

Titus, Son of Vespasian...or is he?

Now if that's not freaky, I don't know what is. Next time you see him, we should make sure to give him a proper Roman salute.


cam said...

i wish we had an actually half decent photo to compare with. altho i think people should make the connection on their own.

hwangus said...

That's pretty awesome