Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cruise party night photos.

I obtained the photos of the night thanks to the CD-burning efforts by Cam (Thanks Cam!). So here they are.

So it began like this - in front of Docklands Nandos, Edie as a jockey, me as a snowboarder and Alex suited up (Seth Cohen style).

Dhruv, Josh (who decided he'd go as an 80's skier) and Cam

I'm about to rest my beer on Cam's head here.

Cool hippy pants that Cam's mum decided to make for him in year 10, I believe.

I really had no idea what they were supposed to be at first. Mad scientists? What kind of stupid fancy dress is that?

I found that using my teeth to hold my cup while taking photos is very useful.

This one's for you Joshy ;)

Tripped out shot of Kyle and me.

We tried again.

Tea-bagging experience.

Cam looks disgusted. Well justified.

Edie, Alex, Kyle & Tiff.

Just Smile and nod, Josh. She'll eventually disappear. Or close your eyes. Like me.

Alex was still having fun while I was attempting to catch some Z's.

A night does not truly end until we end up at Maccas. And we did.

So there it is. It was an interesting night, and there are some more 'interesting' photos, but not many of which are appropriate enough to be uploaded here.


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