Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think we've all matured a bit since we graduated high school. I mean, intellectually we're still pretty much 12 year olds, but I think physically we've changed, some more than others.

So what greater way to study for upcoming exams than to waste time by making a cool comparatively analytic photographic collage of my mates (and myself) like below:

The left-side picture of each person was taken on the last day of school, and on right-side is the most recent and decent photo I could find of them. So there are about a good 1.5 ~ 1.7 years bewteen the two photos of the person.

It's interesting how some of us have matured/gotten older/changed more than others. Kyle and Josh in particular, have lost their baby-ish aura about them. Nick has managed to equip himself with very well-toned body, and I don't think I'm too far behind! A few of us haven't changed all that much; Alex and Michael, would fall into that category, and Ben and Cam don't seem too keen on changing, either.

So is it good that we're all changing?

Well to be honest I don't really care. Teehee.

*Don't be a cock and get paranoid about why you're not on top of the collage. I've done it in alphabetical order from left to right. Also I like Alex. And if you're close to the bottom, I don't like you.

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