Friday, June 30, 2006

Queen Victoria Market.

In preparation for the upcoming snow trip, Josh and I thought it would be a good idea to equip ourselves with Sherpa hats. So we headed down to the good ol' Queen Victoria Market for some Sherpa hat buying goodness.

Shots of and around the bench that we were sitting on while waiting for the bus. It was a chili morning, so I sure was glad that I dressed warm (as you will see later on).

Oh, Josh's feet, you're here. Look how long the long-legged one's legs are. He should have to pay for two tickets.

Inside the bus. The end.

So we got to the Queen Victoria Market and our hunt began. Quite a few stores had Sherpa hats available and we proceeded to take photos of ourselves wearing them:-

But as we were trying out different hats, taking photos and generally having some gay old time, a very amiable owner of one of the stalls came up to us and pleasantly told us that we had taken enough photos and that we should fuck off unless we're buying them. Suprisingly, no money was exchanged for her astoundingly friendly goods and services.

Also, check out the awesomeness of my checkered blue jumper. I look awesomely down-to-earth and with my fellow awesome working class men of the market. Just pure awesome.

After looking at some more stalls we were feeling peckish and needed some food. "spanish donuts" was the food of choice and I was quite impressed by how delicious they were.

Spanish Donuts - buƱuelos espaƱoles. They weren't really round... or very donutty, but very yummy nonetheless!

It looks more like a calamari ring than anything. Or a really thin and bent penis. But I'll go with calamari.

Speaking of spanish donuts and possibly penis I was somewhat put off of the food when Josh admitted that this awesome shopping extravaganza felt quite similar to his first date with Anna. So I kicked him in the shins and ran away.

The Sherpa hat that I settled on. It's almost as if I was born to wear Sherpa hats.

So this was yet another wasteful but nevertheless mildly amusing day. I wonder if Josh got home alright.

The slab of Corona goodness I'll take up to the snow. The extra $15 for the imported goodness better be worth it.


Anna said...

Flannel... sherpa hats... PENIS DONUTS.
no wonder josh looked so flushed when i saw him a few hours later.

Anonymous said...

alright, who gave her jin's blog address?