Sunday, September 10, 2006

Moobwatch Promo.

With a spark of inspiration around 3:00am in one faithful morning, Josh has come up with the brilliant idea of creating a web-forum dedicated to us. Being the great friend that I am I've decided to plug the site for him and encourage you to sign-up and write-up.

Known as 'Moobwatch', this forum will assist 'the fags' to acquire the latest news about whats-going-on in the world of 'the fags'. God I hate that name that we've labelled ourselves with, it's so demeaning to all the non-heterosexuals in this world.

So yeah check it out, the URL of the site is: . It's starting to look pretty aiiiight!


Josh said...

wooo go jinna, i'd also like to bring to everyone's attention our dear friend jin is a moderator of said forums. yeah round of applause. clap clap clap

Josh said...

oh yeah, you forgot the address: