Thursday, September 07, 2006

Science Ball '06.

Hello to all my dedicated readers out there... what is that, like three people or something.

It has indeed been a while since I last posted, and let me just say, being sick is just about the worst thing in the world, well maybe except for dying; RIP Steve Irwin. I was absolutely shocked when I found out that he had died- what a waste of great Australian icon. He is lived by his wife and two children so I hope his nature & wildlife-preserving legacy continues with them for long time to come.

So along with my flu, I've been down with rather bad case of Hives, and if you know me and know me well, you would've heard all about it by now. Admittedly I am a terrible-sick person (no not the [fully-sik] kind) and I have the habit of bringing down the world around me with my constant whinging, complaining and request for refill of my hot pot of tea.

Anywhooywooy, Science Ball was on this week and I was devastated. I tried selling my ticket but I left it too late - as usual. But I was about to slip into an afternoon recovery nap when I got a rather convincing sms from none other than Joshy the Droopy Eyes, and I decided, yah it probably wouldn't hurt going for a little bit. So this is how I popped my Uni Ball Cherry- short-lived and mediocre.

Cam went as what seemed to be a cross-breed of William Wallce and Steve Irwin; I was appalled by his extremely black sense of humour. Too soon man, just too soon. He also kept adjusting his rod through out the night (as per photo), which was a rather disturbing sight. Steve was looking slick and spiffy even more than usual.

Apologies to Jey for the terrible quality of photo but this is the best I could do, with the help of brother Sam's photo editing skills. This photo looks completely black otherwise.

Two cultures crossing paths- Alex in his awesome Roman soldier outfit and me in my Hakama looking not too bad myself. Hardly anyone knew what the hell I was supposed to be though, absence of kendo-stick probably did not help.

Cam looking more William Wallace in this photo. He still hasn't lost that sock, and respect to that.

Kasun looking pimp for the night; I could never pull off a white suit, I don't think.

Here is our great persuader, his outfit looking less-than-persuasive, sitting next to very well groomed Fred Flintstone. Don't exactly know what Josh was going for.

As the night went on (actually it took only like half an hour) pot glasses were exchanged with long-neck bottles causing alcohol to be consumed at much faster rate. I was deeply sad that I could not be part of the action.

Obligatory photo-taking pose featuring random viking, Droopy Eyes' girlfriend, and myself.

I love this photo of Alex, who transformed into a Viking-Roman at some stage of the night.

Obligatory photoshooting collage. No my half open mouth-thing that I've got going on in some of these photos isn't a new photo look I'm trying out... it's because the area around my nose and mouth were all dry and stuff from blowing my nose and wiping it off with tissue too much. You know that feeling, that burning, dry sensation? Yeh that.

That was pretty much my night, coughing and sneezing and taking photos. Then I booted home, thanks for the lifts Brother Sam. I didn't get to see Michael but apparently he came sometime after I left. I think fun was had by all, and so yeh, that's pretty much it. Except -

A pretty cool shot of the fountain outside of REB.

*Speeeling mistakes edited post-Josh's pedantic comments.


cam said...

great night! i only wish i got to wear a kilt around more often!

heathy said...

...and my axe!

Josh said...

were u drunk when u typed this or do u always say things like:
"when I got a rather convincing sms from none other Joshy"
"So this is how I popped by Uni Ball Cherry"
neway qm2 today dude

Anonymous said...

The future is now