Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiff's 20th at the Loft.

On the faithful night that was the 7th of October, Tiffany celebrated her well-earned 20th Birthday at 'The Loft' on Lonsdale street. Since there are truckloads of photos to go through, I'm going to conserve my energy and start bloggin'.

The night began like any other Saturday; guys sitting around a big beer barrel drinking pilsner talking about the peculiar similarities bewteen Billy Crystal and Rob Schneider.

We then thought it'd be a fantastic idea to buy alcohol in the middle of the freaking city and drink it somewhere. Upon realising that shady alleys and Michael's college were about our only options, we settled for a BYO Chinese restaurant nearby. (Kudos to Michael for the idea) Turned out pretty well.

Since Cam wanted me to order for him (taking advantage of my Asian-ness), I ordered him a nice big dish of pig trotters on rice. Apparently it wasn't too bad... then afterwards we headed to Loft to meet up with the birthday girl and the rest of the freaks.

Some of the girls.

Triple J - Jon, Jonno, Julian.

Jenny, Anna, and I.

Ben, Andrew, Michael.

Mandy-Poo and Kath.

Alex, Kasun, Cam.

Birthday girl and I!

Apparently this is how you play Dominos in clubs - with Jager bombs.

Another drinks highlight was the $12 Absynthe beasts, it looked pretty awesome when set alight. I tried with my pot of beer but it had less desirable effects.

Kyle, showing off his unique dance routine, "barrette spastiche". Or for those of you who don't understand Italian, "Spastic Fingers".

During some point of the night someone flopped out a rose. Then these homosexual shots were taken. I still have no idea where the rose came from, and if anybody has the answer, tell me.

Angry Angry Beast one second,

Sleeping Giant the next. Ah the mysteries of life. Feel free to call our friend Benjamin here 'fetus' from now on. He loves it.

A pretty cool shot of shadow-puppetry at its best.

The look on Michael's face is absolutely priceless.

Kyle doing what he does best.

I was scrolling through the photos of Kyle's most recent mauling episode when I ran into a set of photos of Michael that must've been taken in few seconds. The expression on Michael's face pretty much tells it all, but I've taken the liberty of adding some comments.

[Click to Enlarge]

If you want to find out Michael's view of the whole situation, you can watch his interview here (cheers josh);

Here Michael is either; freaked out by where that hand could have been, or trying to bite it off to teach Emma a lesson.

When I do a nice photo pose, the lights get screwed.

When the lighting's fine, I'm not-so-fine.

Cam and Anna, each in their lovers' arms.

Michael pulling some kind of super hero pose.

Kath and Amanda. I clearly just put this photo up for the Cleavage action. Nice job, girls!

Finally I managed to get myself a spastic multiple-chin photo of myself. If you don't know what I mean, take a look below:-

I'm not obsessed with how I look at all.

As Tiffany said, Love is certainly in the air. Or in a dirty, sweaty club.

Don't point that finger at me (you).

This has got to be the funniest photo of Alex ever taken. First of all, he's dancing, Secondly he's enjoying himself WAY TOO MUCH, and thirdly look where his left hand is! teehee.

Those moves must've worked though, he's getting a bit friendly with the local crowd of the Loft.

Meanwhile I'm stuck in the past and getting very friendly with Josh.

...but at least I'm not being touched in weird places.

Apparently Michael and one of the bouncers break danced their night away. Pity I wasn't there to see it. My mummy was probably tucking me in and kissing me good night by this stage.

So that pretty much sums up what was hugely entertaining and eventful night. There was Romance (aka mauling), Absynthe fire, Jager bomb dominos, gay-dude-coming-onto-Michael, cleavage, roses and breakdancing. What more could you ask for your birthday? (I'm not trying to make up an excuse for the fact that I didn't get Tiffany and present).
Happy Birthday Tiffy.

P.s for those of you who came to Sydney Trip '05, check out this awesomeness :-D

[The Original]


Alex said...

great work jinna one of ur best blogs
was an absolutely hilarious night

cam said...

whoa! so many chins....

as for the sydney re-enactment, funny, but the best is the orginal (and the best)...


Tiffy said...

I love that I know have comments to go with all the photos... Those absinthe shots are awesome! I want one!