Monday, October 09, 2006


At some point during our recent trip down to Anglesea (of which the photos have been gathered and photoblogging will be done at a later date), Kyle was blessed with the nickname of Wario. The similarities that Wario and Kyle share do not only lay in their physique and racial heritage, but also in the fact that they're both sly, manipulative customers. Anyway, along with giving Kyle a new nickname, came a flood of memories of the good old 90's when we were kids, and how fun times were had with Nintendo SNES and those chunky black and white Gameboys.

That been said, I wasn't around in Australia when SNES was the main attraction in the video game industry. So while Josh Cam and Alex were spending their lazy Australian summer holidays stuck in a room playing Donkey Kong or Super Mario World or whatever those silly anglo kids used to play, I was in the other hemisphere, doing exactly the same thing.

Whether you admit it or not, Mario and his sidekicks were an important part of our childhood. Sure we could've played pee wee football which could've made us a bit more atheltic than we are today- which could've resulted in us winning some of our Chad games, but that's besides the point. We were kids, kids are supposed to have fun, and fun was certainly had with Mario.

So this whole thing got me thinking about how much of those Nintendo characters we carry within us today. And after discussing it on Moob (plugging away) with some of the guys and having a bit of think to myself, I realised something. I realised that we ARE those freaking Nintendo characters.

So that's my rambling for this blog post out of the way, and I now present you with some solid evidence;

Wario = Kyle.
The epitome of anti-hero. As mentioned in previous paragraph Kyle will stop at nothing if it means getting his way. He is also very impulsive - he is yet to understand the meanings of words such as 'consequence', 'morals' or 'decency'. But like Wario, Kyle is ultimately 'not that bad of a guy'. He's willing to help you; you may accept his help, and he will get the job done; but there's always something slightly suss/off at the end.

Toad = Alex
The quiet-peaceful type, barring drunken situations. Can give off the impression of being a bit dull, but again, barring drunken situations. Like Toad Alex goes about his business without much fuss, effciency being the name of this man's game. Not really the star of the crowd, but still someone you can deeply depend on.

Bowser = Ben
Angry. Powerful. Angry. The key is to stay away when there's tension. Fire will be breathed out and shit WILL hit the fan. Angry.

Koopa Troopa = Cam
The comic relief. Green is the two characters' key colour, despite Koopa Troopa branching out into other colours such as red and purple over the years. Strange, and rather disconcerting physical similarities.

Mario = Jin
A stumpy bastard with outdated personality. I can't really help that, my parents were quite old when they had me. Realises his altruistic persona is no longer attractive (with ze ladies) but doesn't know how to escape from it. Consequently morality and consistency are very important to me. People will realise how much of a hero I am one day.

Luigi = Josh
On the side of good, but a whole lot more realistic and logical than Mario/Jin. Knows how to be reasonable, but usually gets what he wants by being somewhat annoyingly persuasive. Tall, apparently handsome man, eventhough some may argue otherwise. That some is not me. I swear. The potential is always there but often underachieves due to lack of passion and/or sheer laziness. This seems to be getting better in recent years, however.

Princess Peach = Anna
Mainly due to the blonde factor. Probably the only factor, really. Oh and the fact that she is currently dating Luigi/Josh (as per Mario Bros the movie). Believes all men think about is women, whilst 'tis her who's constantly writing blogs about boys. Typical princess. Indeed.

Yoshi = Michael
A bit different from the rest, something not quite right, something a little bit more fresh. Fun loving kind of character who probably caused women to come up with stupid sayings like 'boys will be boys' with the rolling of the eyes and an annoying grin. Always cheerful and bright. Like Yoshi, Michael has found himself in bit of a different envinronment (aka Yoshi's Island = Trinity College) and is too busy for the likes of Mario :-(. Fit as a horse (a dinosaur?), skilled & likes to play with round objects. A clean, cute thing.

Donkey Kong = Nick
One axy beast of a man that is Cordna. Huge smile, crazy googly eyes, always finding excuse to break things. Can't really argue in a logical manner but will use vice grips and rippling muscles to get his way. Easy going and a real manly man, which can make him seem a bit ignorant at times.

Chomp = Kasun

What. What's wrong with that.

I always thought Kas had sharp teeth.

Why else would I choose Chomp for Kas?

The End.


Anonymous said...

Man, that ROCKED!

- Kyle

Josh said...

Best. Blog. Ever

anna said...

That is hilarious
'we ARE those freaking Nintendo characters'


Alex's one was fantastic- he had the perfect toad-like expression!

i've finally updated too...

kas said...

I do infact have sharp teeth! Nice work Jinno

Jin said...

Cheers Kas, Cheers. :-)

Tiff said...

Can I be daisy!!!
ps... that post is AWESOME!!!!

cam said...

finally, another blog. i nearly died from lack of blog.

it's also funny how everone looks so ugly when coupled with a nintendo cartoon. - jin, you look like a monkey in a mario suit!