Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beach Beer Fire!

Around 7pm last Friday, I received a call from Josh on my way to a haircut appointment. Nevermind the lateness of my hair appointment, he was going down to his beach house for a night of drinking by the beach, so I decided to join him, along with Ben and Kyle.

Ben with the slabs for our long night ahead.

Kyle drinking from an empty bottle that's been rolling around on the floor of Josh's car for god knows how long.

Kyle flopping it out.

After some shenenigans around the house we went down to the beach to get the night really started.

Josh's orgasm face.

Cousins rockin' it out.

Trying to get the fire going.
...the fire got going.
Nick and Kyle spent some time building a 'barrier' to block out the tide that was coming in. Thanks to this barrier most of us stayed pretty dry the whole night.

Corona with sand-topping.

Fun times.
Burn baby, burn!

Run, baby, run!
Jesse and Nick going for a casual stroll by the beach. The weather was perfect for it.
The morning after.
Simultaneous-blinking capture.

Ben's massive bag of chips and gravy. Yum!
Nick and Jesse the morning after.
The beach, morning after.
It was random and fun night. We were all dead tired the next day and some of us had to go to work that evening, but definitely worth it.
A candid shot of yours truly napping on our way home.


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Josh said...

looks like kyle had a bit of a shhhmelting accident