Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sunny Queensland.

Pictures from September 19-30 Queensland trip.

Sunscreen. Didn't get used too much.

Down at the harbour.
Amanda and Niki.
Sisters sunbaking.
Sunbaking #2.

Nature taking its course.
Parked boat and flowers.
No through road.
Oben park.
Airlie beach lagoon.
Chatting lifeguards.
People in funny costumes + a girl.
Lonely boy sitting by the rocks.
Airlie beach.

Lonely boat meets a friend.
Airlie beach #2.
Shezzington #2.
I like the unintended blurriness of this picture.
Mackay town.


Golds said...

wow jinna, the originality of your captions never ceases to astound me...

best photo is one of shezza walking thru the water with trees, and people in b/ground, sweet

did you say hi for me?

Anonymous said...

Nope, he didn't say hi... but HI GOLDEN!

Corinne said...

Great work.