Friday, June 02, 2006

Parma Parma.

For last few weeks Ben and I've been getting these random cravings for parma. It's something about that warm, juicy, cheesy, saucy big fat piece of meat that just makes me want to take a nibble. I think that's enough talk about Ben, so let's talk parma.

So anyway, couple of nights ago while Msn-ing per usual I was suddenly hit with this parma fever. Apparently this fever is infectious over the internet, as Ben and Josh soon caught it, too.

This is the extract of the very detailed conversation we had about our cravings.

We decided that we'd go for $12 parma at the Ivanhoe hotel on Wednesday 31/05/06. And soon, there were 7 of us in for some parma parma extravaganza.

Cam was there (unfortunately he kept his shirt on)

So was Sally.

Kyle was there for a little bit, but didn't stay. Congrats on getting your licence.

Liz and Alex were also looking for some parma-action.

Josh and Ben (with his head cut off) were there of course.

For $12 the parma was generously big and some struggled to finish. I forgot to take any photos of the parma because I was too hungry at the time. I'd give it a 7/10.

This is Parmamon. (Credit to Ben) It's a pokemon with the ability to be delicious.

My mission during this winter break is to find the perfect 10/10 parma.

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