Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exam talk, upcoming winter break and... Group B.

Exam talk:
I've done 2, and I've got 2 more left.
The end.

Are indeed arriving soon. Well less soon for me because I have an exam on the last day of the last week.

Winter is always a dangerous time for me. The weather is cold, and instead of putting more clothes on, I turn to warm food. I've decided to straighten up this year, and I am going to be on a very strict diet consisting of:

Beer & Parma. This should keep me nice and lean until semester 2.

Group B
Recently Group B have resurrected (well one of the band members have) and made a debut on internet music forums like Artist ( and icompositions ( Listen to their old-new single 'Like you', and give it a generous rating. No harsh but fair treatment necessary, just be generous. Good god they need it.

Textbook definition of idiot:


Anonymous said...

Wow 4 and a half flames! They must be pretty good, when can I meet these guys, especially that awesome guitar player, oooo i think I'm in love

Ben said...

In love with yourself? We knew that you hack.

cam said...

Look guys, the song must be alright seein as how ur always coming back to it. but was posting it on a website realli necessary?