Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yet Another Parma Post.

Since I haven't got anything really interesting to blog about, but want to procrastinate anyway, I'll keep Plogging (parma-blogging) until I find some proper material.

Went to the Leveson Hotel on Friday( 09/06/06), to try out what was said to be the 'best parma in Melbourne', as rated by (

Ben had a law exam in the city earlier that day, so Alex and I, being highly procrastinating bums that we are, decided to join him in the city for yet another parma action.

Random shots around the law building and its vicinity while waiting around for Michael (yet another bum on the holy crusade to find the perfect parma.)

We hopped into Benjamin's car and drove around in the city until we found and located the infamous Leveson hotel. At the door, we were rather shamelessly greeted by this piece of advertisement:-

[Best Parma in Melbourne? I'll be the judge of that.]

So we entered, ordered, and sat down. They waiting period was kind of uber long, and the pleasant, lullaby-esque sounds of workers drilling holes into the brick wall really helped us pass that time with enjoyment. By that, I mean it didn't.

This rather disappointing shot of Alex marked the Camera's 10,000th photo. He looks like he's about to cry and crap his pants in joy.

I have no witty comments to make about this photo. It's almost as if something's covering my mouth- Yes.... That'll do.

Whenever I go to pubs or bars with coasters, I feel it necessary to arrange them in some sort pattern or shape. And apparently, Ben seems to find it really interesting to watch. That weirdo.

Can you say B-E-E-R? Pronounced Bee-Hyphen-E-Hyphen-E-Hyhen-ARRR. But really, they are the best photos of beer I've taken so far.

Sometime after, our Parmas were served and ready to be devoured.

ParmaParma, ready to be rated.

Boys tucking into their parmas.

I have to say, for $18, it really wasn't very spectacular. Maybe my expectations were too high- but if this is the best parma that Melbourne can offer, I am very dissapointed. The meat was very fresh, and I couldn't possibly complain about the size - this mofo was huge, like it was made out of 2 chickens. But I think it was the overcooked cheese and too much oregano that put me off. Chips and salad, however, were good.

Will my search for the perfect parma ever end?


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